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By rebelglass, Feb 16 2018 11:26AM

I'm working on a restoration at the moment whcih has a lot of cracked and missing glass. Its a challenge as my customer wants to preserve the integrity of the window and keep the original glass.

So im using the Japanese principle behind Kintsugi , where broken pots are repaired with gold to illuminate the pots story !. Quite excited, hope he likes it !

By rebelglass, Jan 8 2018 01:34PM

Yay, Looking forward to 2018, its going to be the Chinese Year of the Dog and it seems I have to wait until 2023 for the Year of the Rabbit.

Spurred on by the lack of bunnies I've been drafting up a few 'Lil Rabbits ' of my own.

By rebelglass, Nov 18 2017 12:31PM

Blown away that I have two pieces of work in 'Glisten and Shine : Glass' This is a small exhibition of contemporary glass at Cartwright Hall Art Gallery running until the 8th April 2018 .

If you fancy chatting to me and some of the other glass artists then come along to 'Meet The Makers' Sun 26th November, 1-3pm

On the same afternoon there will also be a launch of two new exhibitions, 250 Years Of Circus and Cupola A Circus Installation which features the work of the awesome Skinning the Cat. There's going to be popcorn, candyfloss, roving characters and accordian music from one of Chumbawumba!

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